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Flexi Pannello brought to you by ONYX co, based in the UAE

Providing Luxury Authentic Collection of Flexible Solid Wood Panel and Decorative Sheets

Designed by our Specialized Architect and Selected Joyfully To fulfill Our Customers Trendy Taste.

Enhance the beauty of any space with the authentic look of wood, while enjoying the flexibility and versatility it offers. Whether you are looking to create a modern or traditional ambiance, our collection has a wide range of options to cater to your unique style. Trust Flexi Pannello to provide you with premium quality and exquisite designs that will effortlessly elevate the aesthetics of your interior.

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Solid wood



LAMI Collection

  • Saving  Labour Charges

We understand the rising costs of labour charges in the carpentry industry in the UAE. To address this issue, we offer partially fabricated panels designed to enhance workflow efficiency.

By opting for our products, you can effectively replace lengthy hours of carpentry work and eliminate the need for Hight sanding charges and Timing .   

We aim to provide you with cost-effective solutions that save both time and money.

  • The Luxury of Toning Colors

By opting for solid wood, designers have the freedom to choose a color that perfectly complements their design concept. Unlike numerous products in the market that are made of low-quality artificial plastic, our offerings meet the standards set by authentic designers who strive to deliver high-quality architectural projects.

The natural wood grains, texture, and ambiance provided by our products make them an exceptional choice, offering a great deal of aesthetic appeal.

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